Our Company at a glance

Our Mission


 Red Robin Tax Service was created to solve an existing problem in the tax industry. The very big tax companies charge a sky-rocketing fee for preparing some very simple tax returns. The do-it-yourself tax softwares don't seem to be simple enough to follow for a lot of people. Plus, you really need the tax knowledge to know that you have taken all the deductions and/or credits that you are allowed to take. The mission of Red Robin is to help people maximize their tax refund at a fraction of the cost at the leading national tax preparation companies without sacrificing the quality of service.That is why we have been enjoying an extremely high client retention rate. 

Our Solution



  • We offer a flexible way of doing business. We meet our clients everywhere in the bay area. And for returning clients we don't require a face-to-face meeting. For out-of-state clients, we take documents and information over the phone, through email and fax, and we deliver the final return very quickly.
  • We offer maximum refund guarantee. If you find that your refund should be higher, we will do a free amendment for you.
  • We offer free audit assistance. If the return we prepare for you is chosen by the IRS for audit, we will help you with answering questions. If you would like us to represent you in the IRS audit, you will also get a discount.
    • We charge by how complex the return is, usually by the amount of data that we need to enter, not by the number of forms like most leading tax preparation firms do.

Our Knowledge Base


 Our tax preparers hold graduate degrees in business and finance from accredited universities in the U.S. They have had many years of solid experience working in the financial industry. They are enrolled agents, and certified finanical analysts.   

Our Recent IRS Audit Results



We are proud of announce that we achieved 100% success rate in our most recent IRS audit representation cases. In each of the audit cases that we represented, our clients had $0 payout. In one case, on top of the $0 payout, we found our client over $100,000 of loss carry forward.